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my name is noa goffer
i am an artist living in tel-aviv.
you are invited to have a peek into my world.


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2019 - ‘spiritualism’, tel aviv museum of art

2019 - am i awake, romano art house, tel-aviv

2018 - group exhibition, shoken art gallery

2018 - windows dreams, teder, tel-aviv 

2017 - illustration week, curated by yana buckler

2017 - la colture, tel-aviv

2017 - secret art, leumi bank, tel-aviv

2016 - the red house opening exhibition, tel-aviv

2016 - illustration week, lighthouse gallery, jaffa

2015 - excess, munich tel-aviv collaboration, gabirol gallery

2015 - group exhibition, meshuna gallery

2014 - balance of opposites, jaffa port