Year: 2024
Place: Israel
What: Illustration & design
Technique: Gouache & Ink

Abie is a restaurant owned by the Dok people, named after Avraham "Abie" Nathan, the late Israeli humanitarian and peace activist. Abie Nathan was a real legend, broadcasting his radio station—the “Voice of Peace”—from the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, in a ship he bought with the help of none other than John Lennon. The restaurant’s house wine, Barbera, pays homage to this unique visionary, a light-hearted optimist alone at sea. 

Commissioned Work

I try to work with a variety of customers from all sorts. Whether it be culinary institutions, or clients in the fields of fashion, literature, music, tourism, and even nightlife—I am devoted to figuring out the most creative and intriguing visual story. I create editorials, logos, labels, covers, and products according to the client’s needs, dreams, and whims. Working with various techniques, manual and digital alike, I thoroughly enjoy finding new ways to manifest and express the clients’ diverse stories. 

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