About Me

I am an artist and illustrator from Tel Aviv. Using various techniques of drawing and painting, I try to bring to life characters, objects, and landscapes, eventually creating idiosyncratic lexicons. Memories, adventures, and desires are the central material (and spirit!) of my work. Alongside my own artistic project, I also am a freelance illustrator and I produce commissioned works. 

In my illustrations I catalog and categorize, characterize and collect. It is probably the result of my own insatiable need for storage and taxonomy, trying to divide the so-called real world into categories that make it more convenient and livable. 

I am drawn to awkward and unusual figures; nearly extinct animals wandering in the void; forgotten and fictionalized plants; and landscapes that can be either entrance or exit points. In my images, I strive to tell a story and evoke emotions, something I carry with me from my BFA in Film Studies, and my love of literature.

While I try to explore social states of marginality, loneliness, and alienation, I do so through whimsical and vibrant forms. I often feel like a tourist, facing everyday situations with a mixture of excitement, fear, embarrassment, and curiosity. I try to bring this childlike emotional position into the work. 

My studio work is eclectic and includes various techniques: collage, printing, ink drawing, pastels, and markers, combining text, form, and material. I use the usual white paper alongside worn and used surfaces that carry a history of spent energy. Out of a desire to maintain a continual practice of work, I generate exercises and small tasks. These have accumulated to dozens of journals, lists, and sketchbooks.

Among my clients

Mercury Bank, Munken Paper, Gelada Studio, Selina Hotels, Variety.


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Interview for Munken


2019 — ‘Spiritualisem’, tel aviv museum of art
2019 — ‘Am I Awake’, Romano art house, tel aviv
2018 — Group Exhibition, Shoken Art Gallery
2018 — ‘Windows Dreams’, Teder, Tel Aviv
2017 — Illustration Week, Curate by Yana Bukler
2017 — La Colture, Tel Aviv
2017 — Secret Art. Leumi Bank, Tel Aviv
2016 — The Red House Opening Exhibition, Tel Aviv
2016 — Illustration Week, Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa
2015 — Excess, Munich Tel Aviv Collaboration, Gabirol Gallery
2015 — Group Exhibition, Meshuna Gallery
2014 — Balance of Opposites, Jaffa Port

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