Alon Eder

Alon Eder for Gelada Studio
Mixed Media

Alon Eder is a beloved folk musician. His music is dreamy and nostalgic as much as it is thorny and located in the here and now. Together, we created a personal and unique illustrated notebook titled “Melodies Drifting Elsewhere.” The notebook is an artistic interpretation of Alon’s music, born through a creative process I am well familiar with—listening and painting. The notebook follows the path of the lyrics, but ultimately imagines a new life for the songs. The work was commissioned by Gelada Studio, a Tel Avivian production studio and a multidisciplinary art center, home for many illustrators and designers. 

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Commissioned Work

I try to work with a variety of customers from all sorts. Whether it be culinary institutions, or clients in the fields of fashion, literature, music, tourism, and even nightlife—I am devoted to figuring out the most creative and intriguing visual story. I create editorials, logos, labels, covers, and products according to the client’s needs, dreams, and whims. Working with various techniques, manual and digital alike, I thoroughly enjoy finding new ways to manifest and express the clients’ diverse stories. 

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