Ancient Rugs

This ongoing project depicting ancient Moroccan rugs started, typically, from a materialistic urge: a rug I couldn’t afford, and no voyages to North Africa in sight. So I started “weaving” my own rugs in a reverse translation technique: from textile to paper; from a huge format back to smaller one. I also relished the opportunity to bring together several of my themes in an unexpected way: consumerism, craft, and good old wanderlust.

Technique: Wax Pastels  & GouacheYear: 2023 - 2024

Soldiers in the lake
Soldiers in the field
Two bunnies in the living room

Personal Art Projects

I always try to maintain a creative spirit and continue to manually explore techniques and formats. The projects I present here might seem like small side projects, but these non-commercial personal endeavors are necessary to my practice, and essential to my imagination and innovative spirit. These projects always start as a sort of a game: a personal diary, or endless obsessive lists that attempt to capture something about my being and my view of the world. They serve as a therapy for my hectic mind, and inform my commissioned illustrations as well.