Corona Diary

During the 2020 Covid pandemic, I was quarantined at home, away from my studio, and going nuts. As a way of maintaining some sanity and keeping myself in shape, I started this illustrated diary that religiously recorded my each and every action for 30 days. While it started as an artificial exercise in building a routine, it now serves as a memory from a distant time-space. 

Technique: Ink
Year: 2020

Personal Art Projects

I always try to maintain a creative spirit and continue to manually explore techniques and formats. The projects I present here might seem like small side projects, but these non-commercial personal endeavors are necessary to my practice, and essential to my imagination and innovative spirit. These projects always start as a sort of a game: a personal diary, or endless obsessive lists that attempt to capture something about my being and my view of the world. They serve as a therapy for my hectic mind, and inform my commissioned illustrations as well.