Past Present

In this ongoing body of work I grapple with the charged and tense title of Israel. While I constantly see beauty, closeness, and warmth in it, I cannot ignore the moments and places in which this warmth turns into a burning heat. So I try to bring this ambivalence into the work, and reflect the unique palimpsest of communities, landscapes, and emotions created by this place.

The Mess We’re In, 2019
Yovav, 2018
Fun in the Sun, 2019
Nadav, 2020
Mitzi, 2020
Yaacov’s Fountain, 2017
Pagoda House, 2017
Yellow Temple, 2018
Together to the Temple, 2018
Jaffa Bay, 2018
Tel Aviv, 2019
Palestine, 2019
It Wasn’t Me, 2018
Women At Work, 2022
No Touching, 2017
Gardening, 2018

Personal Art Projects

I always try to maintain a creative spirit and continue to manually explore techniques and formats. The projects I present here might seem like small side projects, but these non-commercial personal endeavors are necessary to my practice, and essential to my imagination and innovative spirit. These projects always start as a sort of a game: a personal diary, or endless obsessive lists that attempt to capture something about my being and my view of the world. They serve as a therapy for my hectic mind, and inform my commissioned illustrations as well.