Nothing is as inspiring as traveling, absorbing brand new landscapes, colors, smells, and human geographies. When I travel, I always keep a sketchbook with me, in an attempt to capture bits of the experience.


An illustrated journal from traveling in south India, right before Covid. India was full of experiences, but what lingered in my mind following the trip most were the people I’ve met along the way, living their own particular lives, so different from my own. 

Technique: markers and pencils
Year: 2020


An illustrated journal inspired by the figurines from ancient Cycladic Art,  echoing the past of Greece.

: markers and pencils
Year: 2019

South America

Hopi Kachina Figures are dolls that represent spirit beings or deities in the religious beliefs of the Hopi people, Native Americans primarily from in the northeastern part of Arizona in the United States. The Hopi believe that these spiritual entities have the power to influence the natural world and the lives of the Hopi people. This is my own illustrated interpretation of these evocative figures. 

Technique: markers on an old paper
Year: 2017

Papua New Guinea, Or: The Beginning of Time

My illustrated journey to Papua New Guinea is inspired by a local creation myth, about the time when 'the earth was formed into a shape,' with nothing else beyond colonial people roaming the globe; No trees or plants, no animals, no water. From the scarcity and hunger, one day a leader rose, assigning everyone tasks: You will be trees from now on, and you will be bananas. This group will be fish, and that will be the sea. So on until the whole world was abundant with living beings, food, mountains, and rivers. A few of the people remained people, the first descendants of humanity. In my interpretation of it, I retell this as the story of a new era of prosperity, natural diversity, and plenty.

Technique: Pencils and markers
Year: 2019


Personal Art Projects

I always try to maintain a creative spirit and continue to manually explore techniques and formats. The projects I present here might seem like small side projects, but these non-commercial personal endeavors are necessary to my practice, and essential to my imagination and innovative spirit. These projects always start as a sort of a game: a personal diary, or endless obsessive lists that attempt to capture something about my being and my view of the world. They serve as a therapy for my hectic mind, and inform my commissioned illustrations as well.