Traveling is  an amazing resource for inspiration, absurbing differnet 
landscapes colours smells and people. I always keep a sketchbook 
with me, in an attempt to capture bits of it.


An illustrated journal from traveling in south India, 
a moment before Covid. 
India is all about the special people and colorfull landscapes.

: markers and pencils
Year: 2020


An illustrated journal, inspired by the figurines from the Cycladic art.

: markers and pencils
Year: 2019

South America

Hopi kachinas,  are spirit beings or deities in the 
religious beliefs of the Hopi people, Native Americans 
who primarily live in the northeastern part of Arizona in 
the United States. The Hopi believe that these spiritual 
entities have the power to influence the natural world and 
the lives of the Hopi people.

Technique: markers on an old paper
Year: 2017

Papua new Guinea The Begining of time

At that time, when 'the earth was formed into a shape,' there were only colonial people who covered the entire globe, and there was nothing else beyond. No trees or plants, no animals, no water. Without food and shelter, people began to suffer from scarcity and hunger. Until one day, a person among them stood up, gathered everyone, and began to assign various tasks among all the people. You will be trees from now on, and you will be bananas. This group will be fish, and that will be the sea. And so on and so forth until the whole world was abundant with living beings, food, mountains, rivers, and all other features of nature. Only a few individuals were left, defined as the first descendants of humanity.

A new era arrived, the era when everything was divided. From now on, every living being in the real world is a manifestation of humans and takes on various forms. Plant life flourishes, and all humans are equal, all one.

Technique: Pencils and markers
Year: 2019