Misfortunes Bags

These tote bags are an independent line I created from scratch. I designed them with a few of my signature characters from The Misfortunes line: Boris the Tiger, the Great Albino Fish, and little Binyamin. These odd and lovable creatures were printed using manual silk screen printing, on local canvas, 100% cotton. The bags were designed, produced, and sawn entirely locally, and they were a true labor of love.

Gelada Studio

Gelada Studio is a Tel Avivian production studio and a multidisciplinary art center that serves as a true creative home for a growing community of illustrators and designers, including myself. The Studio is my longtime collaborator, and we created a self-produced collection of unisex T-shirts with my illustrations. These include illustrations from my Misfortunes universe, images of flora and fauna inspired by scientific illustrations, and mottos such as Spiritual Warrior, that translate my aesthetics into words. 

Teder Gifts

These bags were designed as gifts to about 800 workers of a Tel Avivian network of restaurants (by renowned chef Eyal Shani), cultural institutions, and nightlife hubs throughout the city. This was a truly challenging mission, since each of these places is a universe on its own, unique and singular, and I wanted to create a gift that will bring joy (and style) to all. Therefore, I illustrated a series of images that bring to life different aspects of the company’s story. The bags depict the fresh and local food, legendary musical heroes like Farid al-Atrash celebrated by the Teder’s activity in the field of Middle Eastern music, and even Eyal Shani’s enormous pet turtle, Rona. The illustrations were printed on bags by ATA, a local and historical fashion brand that is a true staple of the Israeli everyday.  

Commissioned Work

I try to work with a variety of customers from all sorts. Whether it be culinary institutions, or clients in the fields of fashion, literature, music, tourism, and even nightlife—I am devoted to figuring out the most creative and intriguing visual story. I create editorials, logos, labels, covers, and products according to the client’s needs, dreams, and whims. Working with various techniques, manual and digital alike, I thoroughly enjoy finding new ways to manifest and express the clients’ diverse stories. 

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