The Wishlist

The Wishlist is somewhat of a personal diary or an imaginary wallet, depicting my relentless desire for accumulating ‘stuff’. It started off  as a personal and humoristic way of warming up and clearing my mind before working on my “real” projects. Over time, it evolved into a therapeutic practice that eases my materialistic urges, while wholeheartedly admitting them.

Year: 2023
Technique: Ink watercolors gouache & markers

It’s nice that

Personal Art Projects

I always try to maintain a creative spirit and continue to manually explore techniques and formats. The projects I present here might seem like small side projects, but these non-commercial personal endeavors are necessary to my practice, and essential to my imagination and innovative spirit. These projects always start as a sort of a game: a personal diary, or endless obsessive lists that attempt to capture something about my being and my view of the world. They serve as a therapy for my hectic mind, and inform my commissioned illustrations as well.